Monday, October 18, 2010

Wanna See The Nameless One?

I had my "big" ultrasound on Friday morning, and we certainly had no shy child:

See? Ha! That's my boy. :)
By the way, the technician wrote "manhood" of her own volition. I didn't request it. 

Of course it gets better. We actually got to see his face!

Pretty good profile shot, if you ask me. I think he looks like Aidan.
I do wonder if he'll be born with a Mohawk like Brennan was. (or here)

I thought I absolutely knew the name I wanted another boy to be...before I got pregnant. Now that it's time and definitely a boy, I'm not sure I want to use that name.
Of course, we completely had a girl's name ready to go, one we ALL agreed on & liked. Figures.
There are about 3 names right now Aidan, Pat & I agree on.
Aidan and Brennan REALLY have an opinion, and want a specific name. So much that they already refer to baby boy #3 by that name. We'll see.
It's adorable how much they care about his name, and that alone may convince me to just go with it. It IS their brother, after all. ;)

Nameless look healthy and I'm measuring a few days before my due date. I'll take it!
3 more weeks and I am officially in my third trimester. Woo-hoo!


Stam House said...

congrats!!! you are right that is a great profile!

Mandy said...

I love ultrasound pics! That's a great profile picture. I am so excited for you guys!!

the JOHNSON family said...

Third trimester already?!!! Wow, time flies! Ben and Eli think that I'm going to have two more baby boys and they say we need to name them "Kevin" and Victor". We'll see...... ;)
Congrats on getting to trimester #3!

Bethany said...

He's so darn cute! I see Aidan too :)