Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday of Thanksgiving Week

This started as a Menu Plan Monday post, but I haven't found the energy. We'll be going with the flow until after Thanksgiving. Pay day is also Wednesday, so it's slim pickins'. ;)

I still need to break down my week to stay organized, so here goes:

Probably hot dogs for the boys tomorrow, chicken sandwiches for us. Tuesday & Wednesday may be spaghetti marinara or grilled cheese sandwiches. We shall see! I look forward to a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday at my in-laws'.

Our bathroom that was recently renovated--the shower is leaking, so they're coming back out tomorrow morning.
Monday Aidan & Pat both have school.

Tuesday is story time at the library, and Aidan's last day of school for the week.

Wednesday is pay day! Grocery shopping, Sam's Club, Pat gets out of work early, and we pick up a pie from our local orchard (Dutch Apple). Pat will be baking 2 homemade pumpkin pies.

Thursday is THANKSGIVING! Yummy muffins for breakfast, watching Macy's parade on tv (the true parade;), then going to Michigan for the feast.

Friday--Pat & I are going on a lunch date! We have a sitter for the boys, and we're using a giftcard we have to Longhorn's. I'm getting steak. Nice, juicy red meat. That someone else brings to me, and then does all the clean up!!! We may go to a store, simply to absorb the chaos & be glad we're mostly done with our shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I'm heading to Target sometime tonight or tomorrow to buy the game Guess Who for Aidan for Christmas. It's on sale for $7. He's never played the game, but I think he'll love it!

There we have it: somewhat of an organization to my week. Not nearly as busy as last year since I'm not hosting, but that's ok.
How is your week? Crazy busy, or not so bad?


Amy said...

I understand slim pickins' until payday...our food today is courtesy of our daughter's last babysitting job. Thankfully, payday happens tomorrow and Tuesday this week!

Amy said...

Oh, forgot to say that the lounging around and watching the parade on Thursday sounds awesome!

Andrea said...

I want that game and how was your date?