Friday, November 19, 2010


Friday! Woo--hoo! And the Friday before Thanksgiving, no less.

I've had a productive day so far (at 10:57am), and it feels good. Let's hope I stay this way.
My day so far:
-Drove Pat to work, Aidan to school
-grocery shopping
-Brennan snack
-Exercised, doing the 2 mile WATP
-Booked a sitter for TWO days!
-Ordered a delicious Dutch Apple Pie from our local orchard to bring on Thanksgiving (Pat will make the pumpkin pies)
-Laundry started
-Snacking now & about to play w/ Brennan

I love productive days!

I'm most excited about getting in some exercise. I've really gotten out of shape, and pregnancy is no excuse. I'm trying to get BACK into shape before this baby is born. I have roughly 14 weeks.
I also started to write down a food journal again. Not that I'm counting calories, but I've been bad about eating fruits/veggies.

Tonight we have some family fun ahead of us: it's the FEATHER PARTY!
We went last year and it was a great time. Aidan loved hanging out w/ all of his school friends.
I'm working from 5:40-7:40 tonight, then I'll get to enjoy it. We'll be going as a family & eating a delicious dinner there of hot turkey sandwiches. I love our parish/school!

So it's a good-feeling Friday. :)
I hope you're having a great one, too!


Amy said...

Reading about your busy day at 11:15pm makes me feel even more tired...LOL! And now I'm craving pumpkin pie. :)

Sue said...

I wish I could say TGIF! But I worked yesterday 11hrs. Today I work 7pm to midnight, tomorrow 5-11pm!!!

But I did get our turkey today & H & J are going to play w/ friends!!!

My exercise is constantly lifting 10lb+ turkeys!!!