Thursday, November 04, 2010

When, When, When?

When will my boys learn, that if they want to wake up with "nice mommy", the first number on the clock better not be a 5, or heaven forbid, a 4?!
Even going to bed at a reasonable hour (me), it's not a decent time for a 6 & 3 year old to wake up for the day. Then come to the breakfast table STARVING and all giggly.
At that hour, the mommy loses her ability to see any cuteness. Tolerance is left in the bed, where all 3 bodies should be SLEEPING.

The thing is, no matter how late Aidan stays up, he's up by about 6:30. Even on his Scouts camping trip, the kid was up til almost midnight, and still awake before 7 the next day. I don't get it. I love sleep.

Today it was Brennan, though. AHGH!! I guess I'd rather it be Brennan, because I don't have to worry about him behaving at school all day. Still, I DO have to be with him all day, and today, that may not be easy....

Another WHEN answered: Back around Labor Day we put down the deposit for our bath/shower to be redone. It's badly needed, with water damage on the drywall behind the existing cheap liner (thanks to the previous owners whom I curse). Because our house settled unevenly, the store-bought DIY kits wouldn't work. And because we have a cast-iron tub that weighs over 500 pounds, my pregnant self wouldn't be much help with the project.
So here we are, having waited since early September, and it's finally time for our bathroom to get worked on. Today the workers arrive around 9, and they should be finished tomorrow. I am very ready for this!

Workers being here means Brennan & I are stuck at home all day. And with only one bathroom in the house, and said bathroom being worked on, it could be a LONG day. I am hoping it goes as smoothly as possible.


Sue said...

oh boy, good luck!!

Sharon said...


Pomegranate Queen said...

uh oh! look out for the time change this weekend! Fall back means 6:30 will be 5:30!