Friday, December 10, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

That's what I feel like this week has been, even though we've still been busy with grocery shopping, Pat studying, etc. I'm sure it will feel like the calm after the next 2 weeks. Or 3 weeks.
I hope to savor the down time this weekend while it's still available.

So what's "the storm" of busyness?
It starts Saturday: that's 1 week until Pat's graduation party, and we need to finish the bathroom repairs. At least make it presentable looking. Prime, paint, and put up the new wall panel.
Saturday we also have our newest niece's Baptism in Michigan. Hopefully the snow won't interfere!

Sunday Pat needs to study and we need to finish the bathroom. Go over the menu/purchases needed for his party.

Monday will be semi-normal, thank the good Lord.
Tuesday: Pat's final exam! His LAST final, too! That evening is also Aidan's Christmas program at school. Looking forward to it. :) Brennan has story time at the library that day...we'll see if we make it.
Friday is Pat's Graduation! One week from TODAY! He has his cap & gown, I want to buy a nice shirt for each boy, and Pat's parents plan to be there. I can't believe it's finally here. Already holding back the tears.
Saturday is party time! Celebrate! Family and a few friends will be joining us, along with a 4-foot party sub, cake, taco dip, chips, guacamole, etc. Snow or not, we plan to offer a bonfire in the backyard, too. The day will be all about celebrating Pat and this awesome accomplishment. Think that all sounds corny? It does. But it's true.

During the week I hope to prevent the house from becoming a pit so we don't need to cram to clean up. Let's hope I feel well enough to do that!

Of course, the following week is THE week, but unfortunately Aidan has school Monday & Tuesday (his last day before break is the 21st).
So we have my OB apt (every 2 weeks now), Aidan's last day of school, any Christmas shopping that needs to be done, and Christmas Eve in Michigan! Crazy. It's going so fast.

So here we are, the calm before the storm.  (I wish I could enjoy a glass of pinot grigio)


Hyperactive Lu said...

Can I lay down?! I'm exhausted just READING your post!!!

Congrats to your husband AND to you! Hubbie has gone to school for half of our marriage and we didn't even have kids, but it was stressful without kids and trying to hold full time jobs, etc... I can't imagine WITH kids and life! Y'all both deserve a medal and a diploma! ;) LOL Enjoy the next few weeks and celebrating Christmas and your hardworking husband!!!

Bethany said...

I am SO excited for Pat. I know you are too of course. I'm bummed that I have to work and won't make the party. My family is having their Christmas party on Sat too...missing it all.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Christmas and things aren't too crazy. It's nuts how fast it's coming!!!