Monday, December 06, 2010

Why Not Visit the Zoo in 32 degree Weather?

When you can go for The Lights Before Christmas, it's worth it!

We've gone nearly every year since we moved here, and this year our brother-in-law and 2 of his kids joined us.
I know we had fun, and I hope they did, too.
It was definitely hectic & more crowded than in the years past, to the point where we may try and go during the week next year. But it was still beautiful!

Aidan & Mercy on the train
the 4 kids, bundled up
David & Brennan
Inside at Nature's Neighborhood: Mercy doing her hand for the craft tree
Aidan adding his hand to the tree
playing in the honeycomb

 more honeycomb

 Mercy & Aidan digging through dinosaur bones

the little boys fascinated by the trains

Mercy & Dave
I slacked in taking pictures of the decorations, but this was THE big tree

I hope our guests enjoyed their trip! 


Sue said...

looks like a lot of fun! I heard the Riverbanks Zoo has a nice display-but I think we'll go to Asheville for the gingerbread houses.

Bethany said...

I took Cbase the other day when I had him,. We had fun but it was literally 10* and snowing...brrr!!!!! I do like going though, and will probably try and go again before New Year's. After all, isn't that what a zoo pass is for?! ;)