Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

With much anticipation, it came & went faster than expected!
God has really blessed us, and for that, I am very thankful.

Aside from getting the gifts I wanted most (booty slippers, new robe, foot massage bath!), as well as what my boys wanted most (Leapster Explorer, Lego Thomas, Wii games), there were several moments of feeling just "thank you, God, for this family of mine and our life together".

And of course, none of it would be possible without Jesus. Cheese & corn, it may sound, but it's true. Through prayer he led Patrick & I to each other, and in our marriage he gave us Aidan, Brennan & this one still growing in my belly. Our small little family is blessed.

Without adding more sap, here is a pictoral review of our Christmas 2010:
Aidan & Brennan with their cousins on Christmas Eve (it was supposed to be casual)
 Aidan wearing the cloak for the procession to lay baby Jesus in the manger
Brennan patiently waiting his turn to open gifts
 Excited to go see what Santa brought!
 Santa came!
 Pleased with their stocking stuffers
 Aidan THRILLED that Santa brought him the Leapster Explorer he asked for
 Brennan delighted that Santa brought him the Lego Thomas that he asked for
 Christmas Day Mass
 My heart melts for this picture
 my handsome guys, again
Me & baby boy #3

iphoto is being weird & not letting me access the rest of our pictures. No pictures of Patrick so far...must work on that. ;) How about this one? Pre-Christmas sugar cookie baking with the boys:
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Hyperactive Lu said...

Sounds like a wonderfully blessed time for your family! God is good!

Sue said...

great pictures-I love their sweaters. Christmas went too fast! It makes me sad to see how quickly people take everything down & stop celebrating.

Hats off to the Hallmark channel for still playing Christmas movies!!!

I think I'm still in denial H & J have a wii but glad they do! Now to do some clearance Xmas shopping!!!