Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Vacation!

It's FINALLY Christmas Vacation!
Aidan's last day of school was yesterday. It's not that I won't go crazy with everyone home for the next (almost) 2 weeks. It's that right now, I am ready for a break in playing taxi driver, homework, and leaving the house at 8a.m. 
Pat can drive himself, I can get the car when we need/want it, and we don't HAVE to be any where super early! Not that it stops my boys from waking just as early, but still.

I love the movie Christmas Vacation. Dumb humor, yes. I love it, though. I remember watching it with my grandma (GW), and she laughed so hard she nearly wet her pants. I hope to catch this movie some time over break.

Today's 1st day of vacation isn't too thrilling: calm day at home, probably watching Toy Story 3 for the 2nd time, and my most daunting task is making the grocery list. 

Tomorrow Pat is off from work, and we have MAJOR grocery shopping & laundry to do. I'm hoping we head out shortly after waking to beat the madness. And cookie-baking.

Then Christmas Eve & Christmas Day already! Crazy. How did it come so fast? 
This year we break tradition in order to satisfy my in-laws' schedule: we will not be attending Mass on Christmas Eve. It will be Christmas Day this year. It feels so incredibly odd for me, I don't like it at all. I've gone ONCE to Christmas DAY Mass in my 30 years. It feels like we're missing something to not go on Christmas Eve. I'm hoping it won't damper things too much.

What are your Christmas plans?

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Sue said...

yes, he madness has begun!!! enjoy vacation-where will you be on Xmas eve??