Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Love

I hold my head down in shame at neglecting my blog this week.
Ok, head's back up. ;) Getting over that one real fast!

I really feel the whole "TGIF!" thing today. Not that this week was incredibly crazy, but I am exhausted and feeling pregnant-full-force, with every quick step I have to take and each time I need to bend over.
I don't know how women who have so many kids do it...I plan to ask my mom, but she doesn't always remember the tougher moments (or claims not to;).

I am thankful for some things this week, though, and thought a "Friday Love" post was in order.

-First, barley cooked in chicken broth. Seriously. I think it's so good. I just finished off the leftovers from last night. I want more. I'm thinking I need to buy the Sam's Club size of quick-cooking barley.

-2 weeks from TODAY is Pat's graduation. He will officially have his MBA. I am so incredibly proud of him, so excited. It's surreal. Let's see if I can make it through the ceremony w/o crying.

-I'm loving our tree being up. Our living room is so cozy now.

-I love the good friends that randomly call, e-mail, tweet, etc. It's so uplifting. Really.

-I love my new maternity clothes.
-I also love the variety in postpartum girdles I'm researching. Go ahead & ask yourself...the answer is "Heck Yes!". I'm hoping to get one & wear it right away.

-I love that tonight I'm not cooking dinner. The boys will have pizza w/ the sitter, and Pat & I have his work's Christmas dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. I hope the food is good, but seriously, I don't have to cook. I don't have to prepare my own plate. I don't have to clean up. Voila! Good dinner, already.

With the sitter coming in a few hours, I should get busy straightening up this house.
I hope your Friday is starting off well!


Molly said...

Tell me more about the post postpartum girdle! I have heard a couple of things but what is it supposed to really do?
Yea for Pat finishing his MBA! Thomas finished his Master's while I was pregnant with Henry and it was a HUGE relief when he was done.
I hope you have fun tonight, in my book a free dinner is a great dinner!

Sue said...

pretty tree!!! I love the tree topper-hope you're having, or had a great dinner.

Lisa said...

I love barley in soup too! I've been eating tons of soup lately. Hope you had fun tonight. I agree that it's great to get a break from cooking.

Bethany said...

You think your lack of blogging is bad? pshawww...girl, I haven't left a blog comment in weeks. No wonder I've lost all my readers.

Your tree is SO cute! and I don't think you will get through the ceremony without crying, haha :)