Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Update: Baby Gear & My Big Stomach

Let me start with the "my big stomach" part.

(This weekend I'll be 34 weeks) It's big and the extra weight is not only making me off-balance, but it's killing my back. Shock, right? A pregnant woman whose back hurts? I know, I know, but it's my blog, and well, I'll cry if I want to.
So far I haven't had to deal with swelling too much, but a few days ago I really struggled to get my wedding rings on & off. And my socks felt tight around my ankles. JOY.
Yes, I did this to myself, bla bla bla. But let me give major credit to women who have many babies. I know pregnancy is much easier for some, but goodness, it's such a strain & sacrifice.
(having a UTI for nearly a month now hasn't helped, either).

So, credit moms rock. What's your secret? I'd love a UTI-free pregnancy, one where I gain minimal weight, etc.

On to the more "fun" stuff: the shopping for baby gear.

We finally bought the infant car seat on New Year's Eve.
Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat - Racer - Graco  - Babies"R"Us
I've decided I'm going to buy a Belly Bandit for my post-partum period.  It may or may not work, but if nothing else, I'll have good back support (but I really hope it works!). I hope to be shredding again by 5 weeks post-partum. I need to feel "me" again. 

We need to buy a regular-sized diaper bag (still have a good small one from Aidan's baby days). 
The search for the one we want most has driven me crazy. 
Why? I'll tell you why.
REVIEWS. Reading peoples' reviews is both a blessing & a curse. Dang it. 
I'm pretty sure we're going to buy a Skip Hop bag. We liked the one we saw at BRU, and we have a giftcard to Amazon to cover it. But ya know, reading reviews makes it complicated! At least for me, indecisive me. I know I want a bag that can be worn messenger-style, as well as one that is neutral so Pat is comfortable using it, too. 

What else...

I'm determined to try pacifiers w/ this kid. I was against them before having Aidan, but after a few weeks of colic tried them. He gagged on them and there was never 1 he'd take. Brennan gagged on them, too, and we tried several brands w/ him. This time around I'm willing to start with the pacifier at the hospital. Things change by the 3rd kid, right?

I don't know what else in terms of baby gear. 
I'm tired. Really really tired today. My back hurts & my heating pad broke. 
Aren't I lovely? 
But hey, that's what's on my mind. So voila...the end of this post!


Mandy said...

Rock the paci. My kids did and still nursed well (not sure if you are nursing). I wish I had a belly bandit. Is it too late to get one? :)

Bethany said...

Go for the paci-- I used to use one :) That baby car seat is so cute, awww I can't wait to meet this little one!!!!

Sue said...

Don't read reviews!!! You have 2 children already-go w/ what feels right to you.

An example of bad reviews:

High School Musical: 2 stars-what?!

Erica S. said...

I am all about the paci! Giving it to him in the hospital is a good idea. :) Praying for you and baby.

Pomegranate Queen said...

Hey Sharon! Sorry to chime in after you've already decided. We have always LOVED our LLBean diaper bag, and I've given it as a gift several times to new mamas. It has a ton of pockets for different things, it's not too tall, so you're not having to dig too deep to find something, I could go on and on. A little pricey, but I have a $10 LLBean certificate that I'm not going to use, if you want it. Pat has my info.

Amy said...

Oh, I remember the back pain, and I was quite prone to UTIs myself. ::hug:: Drink your cranberry juice and tons of water.... and I hope you get a new heating pad or corn bag soon!

Nate's Mom said...

Is it horrible to smile in the face of someone else's pain. I'm sorry. Being done with having babies, I do remember the back pain and such with some degree of... nostalgia? This too shall pass. And another amazing boy will descent on your family. You are almost there!

I have no advice on diaper bag, it's been 8 years. But, my last was a paci baby. The others just weren't. You can't make them take it if they don't want it. But, it they need the extra comfort, it's a lifesaver. By the time you get to 3 you know that it really doesn't matter how it looks or what others think, what matters is what makes baby happy and brings peace to your family.

Sheri in CA

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog again - so happy!

I never EVER gained a regular amount of weight when I was pregnant. I always wanted to be one of those women that only had the round belly and looked great everywhere else - but oh no that did not happen!

Jacob and Lucas were the only ones of mine that I could get to take a paci. Lucas was hooked onto the paci's at the hospital but it was before you could buy them in stores. We had to call the number on the pacifier and order them specially through the company - it was an ordeal! Thankfully now you can buy them almost anywhere.

Hope your back gets better - I had horrible back and hip pain when I was pregnant especialy with my last two. So bad sometimes I was in tears.

In Light of the Truth... said...

I'm one year "post-partum". Is it too late for ME to use the Belly Bandit??? LOL

I agree, go for the paci. I remember one day when Carter was still a newborn, and it just clicked in my head, "you know what, this is third baby and I don't have TIME to just sit and rock and whatever else, so if a paci is what helps then so be it!" We used it for a little bit after that point, but Carter never really used it all that much and got to where he wouldn't take it all. We still give him one periodically just because one is usually laying around someone, and all he does is bite on it and play with it but I still say, it's PACIFYING him! =)

Lisa said...

My kids refused the pacifier as well. Some babies just don't like it. Each kid is different and as much as we learn from one, there are always new challenges!