Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1st Class=Success

Brennan's 1st class was a success! Especially at only $5/class.  (mentioned earlier here)
I have to be honest & admit that I do prefer the Story Time sessions at the library (& not just because those are free). Story Time incorporates more, with the stories, movement, song, as well as a craft. But hey, I missed the sign up, so this is a nice fill-in! (any locals interested, the classes are at the 577 Foundation).

Brennan was very well-behaved. He excitedly painted his shoebox blue, then glued sand & rocks on, cut out fish we drew, etc. You could see his creative wheels turning! It made me wish we had done this with Aidan when he was this age (didn't even know about it).
 Class 1: Made an Aquarium. Success! He came & left smiling, proudly showed Pat & Aidan his project, and told me he does want to go back next week. (good thing since I already paid;).
Next week's theme is dinosaurs! I hope to be able to share an equally fun craft. :)

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Sue said...

that is adorable! wow-looks like something Haleigh did in school a few yrs. back :)

I wish we had more affordable programs. BTW-I would LOVE to live in the Cleveland area! Lots of beaches & did you know Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes which means it is the warmest?
I saw a house for sale in the $140,000's & it was over 2000 sq ft!! By the water too-I think a foreclosure-NICE. Beaches in the summer.....SNOW in the winter = heaven. ;)