Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brennan & School (lots of links)

Brennan doesn't go to preschool yet. He'll be 4 in April, and in the fall he will be going to our parish preschool. 
I realized I wasn't doing nearly as much with him as I did with Aidan at this stage, and of course the MOMMY GUILT set in. Not that he's seemingly behind or anything, but the kid deserves the same learning experiences, does he not? 

So I buckled down and planned a month's lesson plan for Brennan. We're going on our 2nd week w/ it, and he LOVES it. Once we've done our "school time" each day, he is much more mellowed out and willing to entertain himself. Plus, he truly enjoys the work we do. 

I have him signed up for story time at our library, as well as a few classes at a local place. Today is our 1st class, it's an hour long, and there is book reading, singing, dancing, and we make an aquarium out of a shoebox. All for $5. It's strictly for preschoolers, too. I'm hopeful it goes well, especially because I signed us up for 2 more classes already! 

In fact, I used the class-projects as the themes for our work at home. (if you're interested, it's all in a Google Doc & I'd be happy to share w/ you)

This week is FISH, so yesterday we made the shape fish craft:
Brennan had a blast cutting the shapes (I helped some), and he proudly showed his fish to Patrick & Aidan. 
We also did the daily ABC and Number charts, followed by his favorite, Days of the Week Song.
Oh, and the ABC song that cracks him up: (thank God for youtube, huh?)

For some Math, yesterday we did a new "game" that also incorporated fine motor skills. It was a hit...thank goodness for unplanned fun sometimes! 
I would put down a # flashcard, then he would have to string that many large lacing beads. If he had the correct # of beads, I knew he understood which # was shown.
 He just loved it. And it put a smile on my face. (but also made me realize how big he's gotten)
I can't go so far as to say I'm "homeschooling" for 3yo preschool, because really, I believe this is what all parents/caregivers should do w/ their kids. Not this stuff, exactly, but learning at home. 
I just got my act together & compiled it in lesson plan format, w/ links, printables, etc, so others can take over with him if need be when the baby arrives.

This is a regular part of our day now. It's honestly turning into the best part of our day, too. :)

Interested in some other links? 
Last week we made a Penguin that was super fun (using cotton balls), similar to the one seen here. I also printed off this penguin sheet & used it for uppercase letter matching.

Friday we're doing a super fun craft. Aidan will be home from school (teacher work day), so we'll all enjoy it. Another aquarium!  There is also the pearls math worksheet, paper plate fish... so much to choose from! 

Next week's theme is DINOSAURS. ROAR!!

Thanks for letting me share. I'm excited that Brennan & I are enjoying this time together. And the pride he shows in his work...priceless.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Looks great!! and very similar to what we do with Peanut - find things online and and keep them engaged.

Mandy said...

Awesome! This preschool teacher thinks you are doing a great job!! :)

Sue said...

cute!!!! Brennan will love preschool when he goes in the Fall-the transformation w/ Jack is incredible.

Bethany said...

Awesome! I was looking for some crafts to do with A (or at the very least, thinking about finding some) especially of penguins so this is awesome!

In Light of the Truth... said...

These are great! You're such a good mommy! If you have a Target near you, right now they have dollar bin flashcards for Sea Life Creatures! (and flashcards about Space things) Your boys might enjoy learning about these things!