Friday, January 21, 2011

Come, Baby Come

Remember that song? Old-school!

I had my 34 week check-up today. (I'm actually 34 weeks, 5 days, but who's counting?!)
Appointment went fine. I'm measuring the same for my expected due-date. Avoided looking at the scale.
Swelling is normal. The baby's movements hurting me, normal.
Hip, back pain...normal.
Normal is just SO MUCH FUN. not...

I feel I've reached that point now.
That point where I'm done being pregnant and ready for this human to grow outside of my body.
I love the little bugger, but for heaven's sake, I'd like to no longer walk like a penguin. Ya know, without a baby's head in my pelvic region.

Am I complaining? Sure.
If you want to remind me that I got myself into this, then I demand you come on over & massage my lower back, between my tailbone & hip, to be exact. And use hot pressure, like lava rocks.
Not willing to do that? Then no rolling your eyes at my complaining.

On a happier note, we did some baby purchasing that I'm pleased with. I need to buy diapers. Aside from that, we're pretty close to being FULLY ready.

Yesterday the baby's swing arrived:
Thank you, Amazon, for your 2-day shipping for FREE, great price, and to Swagbucks for making it so easy to earn amazon credits. Heck yes. 

Today I just ordered this sound machine: 
I'm a huge fan of white noise. I have trouble sleeping without it. We use white noise for Aidan & Brennan. For them we've always used a box fan. But dang, our house is old, insulation needs to be improved, and a fan would just be too cold for a newborn. So I read positive reviews for this, plus one better: my great friend Alison uses a Conair machine like this for her girls. I was pleasantly surprised by how loud it was. So voila! It's on its way for this baby boy still in my belly.

I washed the newborn-sized "little brother" shirt the other day. We bought his baby blanket. 
I have baby wash/shampoo now in the house again.

It's almost time...


Amy said...

Oh I remember that feeling of being done. But then I remember that they are easier to take care of when they're on the inside. Does Baby Boy have a name yet?

Bethany said...

All I can think about while reading the post (okay, second half) is awwwwwwwwww I am SO excited!