Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday: Must See TV!

Why are Thursdays always the best tv night?
Back in the day ER was on Thursdays, as was Friends. Even growing up I'm pretty sure Knots Landing was on Thursdays. Same with tonight's shows.

This is good, except that some of my shows have been canceled (so upset about Medium and The Closer!), and now nearly EVERYTHING I watch is coming on Thursdays. Over-time for my dvr!
I'm not a huge couch potato, but I love my tv shows. I can live without them, yes, but back when Pat started working a 2nd job, then grad school, it's WHAT I had in the evenings.
He'd be gone, kids were in bed, I'd fold laundry, and with no other person around, I got tuned into the tv.

So tonight I'm really looking forward to our shows coming on:
-The Office (losing interest here, though)
-Parks & Rec
-30 Rock
-Grey's Anatomy
-Private Practice (losing interest in this one, too. Addison really annoys me)
-BONES! I am so happy Bones returns tonight
-Royal Pains (loved this during the summer)

All those shows, ONE night.
When I don't have a show to watch each day, it bums me out. It's not like I need an intervention here, but when I sit down for my lunch and Brennan is in quiet time, I like a good show to watch. It's a good thing shows are resuming!

Other nights I also like to record Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds. CSI:NY, too. If I'm REALLY desperate I'll watch CSI: Miami, but usually can't do CSI: Vegas. Too much bad acting.
I'll check out American Idol, too.
I'm looking forward to tonight. :)
Have any of your shows been canceled? What are you watching this season?


Sue said...

The Closer was NOT CANCELED!!!!

Bethany said...

Well, I'm not sure what I'm doing tonight. If I have Bug (I'm supposed to but the snow might cancel) I'll probably catch the Office and maybe Grey's. If not I'll just keep flipping channels at home. Yes, lots of good TV on Thursdays though! I use Sidereel to keep track of my shows since we don't have a DVR but I pretty much watch the same shows as you :)

Amy said...

My must-see shows: Bones, House, Burn Notice, Fringe, White Collar, The Good Wife, Royal Pains. I also like How I Met Your Mother but rarely see the new ones because it's on opposite something... I forget what... that my husband watches.

We don't have a DVR, so if I miss something I try to find it online or we have some shows that we can watch the next day on a special cable channel ("primetime on demand").

Amy said...

I watch Desperate Housewives, The Biggest Loser, The Office and Grey's Anatomy. I want to start watching The Middle and maybe Modern Family, but I keep forgetting about them until it's too late.