Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm a Sucker for a Man in Uniform

Especially when it's my 6 year old. :)
Aidan participated in his 1st Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby Race today.
He was just awesome.

He took pride in doing his own car, only accepting help where needed. Many of the cars we saw were obviously done mostly by a grown-up. While that was fine for them, we were so proud of Aidan for actually doing the job intended for the Scout. He painted his own car, using every color available to him.
He had a blast. He cheered for his friends, didn't care if he didn't come in first, rejoiced when he succeeded,  and just remained a great sport. We are so incredibly proud of him.
My heart when out to the kids I saw crying (not many but a few, bless their hearts).

 placing his car on the track

"Mom! I came in 2nd!"
Aidan made for quite a Scout today. 
He made us proud.
Way to go, kid!

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Sue said...

AWESOME!!!! :))) tell him we are sooo proud of him