Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Proud Momma

Every once in a while I can't resist sharing something good about my kid. It may sound like a "brag", but hey, later on down on the road, I want Aidan to be able to come here & read about this. To know how proud I am of him, and what an amazing boy he can be.

Three stories:

Most recently, the 2nd quarter ended and Friday Aidan came home with his report card.
I am so very proud of our boy. His teacher is tough and expects a lot from them.  For the majority of this year they've done work that is beyond 1st grade. We love knowing Aidan is in a good school that challenges him.
He made the honor roll again. And he had almost all A's...all A's and one B. (darn was 2 points away from an A!). He brought up several grades (in fact, improved in conduct as well as earned an A+ in Social Studies!) Some schools don't give homework in 1st grade, but Aidan has homework Monday-Thursday, and it's not unfinished school work. It's separate homework. He usually has a Religion test and sight word test each Friday on top of it. When there is a Science, Social Studies, or Math test, that is also on a Thursday or Friday. He works hard and takes his studying very seriously. We are very proud of him. He's starting his schooling career off so well!

Story two...
The week they went back to school after Christmas break, I received this e-mail from a school staff member:

Just had to share this moment with you :
 This morning I was walking back into the school building and ran into Aidan.  I asked him how his Xmas break was and he said  “good”.  Then I asked “Well, what was the best thing about Christmas for you?”  Without hesitation he said “Well, it was Jesus’ birthday”.  I was kind of taken back because I have asked this question before to kids--- I usually get a list of toys or their favorite gift.  I said “Yes it was!”  Aidan said “ That was the BEST—I was so excited that it was Jesus’ Birthday!”  The TRUE meaning of Christmas remains on his mind and in his heart!
 Just had to share this wonderful moment!!
Reading that e-mail made my day. It may not seem like much to some, but as a parent, I feel like it's easy to not see the good as much as the annoying or negative things. "My kid wakes up almost every day before 6!", "He bickers with his brother over the silliest things!", "the after-school whining drives me CRAZY!". Yes, those things are so easy to think of and recall. So it's good to have this, to know others see the good in Aidan, and more importantly, to know he is developing a spiritual relationship. (and I admit, it also gives me hope that as his parents, we may be doing something right).

Like a cherry on top, it got better. Last weekend we got a call from one of our priests, and he asked for permission to use Aidan and this story as a kick-off to his homily for Mass last weekend. We were so touched and honored. 
Aidan is as humble as Pat, not thrilled over the attention and nearly embarrassed. Meanwhile I'm trying not to cry from feeling happy and proud of this good kid God has given me.

Story three...
The same day I got that e-mail from the staff member, I received another, separate e-mail regarding Aidan.  
One of his good friends got hurt at recess. Apparently Aidan went right to help her and help her to the school nurse. The girl's mom commented that Aidan is so sweet, and considered one of this girl's best friends. 
Same day....2 random people sharing with me that Aidan is a good boy. 
Really, it warmed my heart. He is a good, compassionate boy. 
Sometimes the hugs he wants to give can feel excessive, or the help he offers Brennan can feel too strong. 
But his heart? He has a heart of gold. And sometimes even one's own mother needs those reminders. 

I'm grateful for the other mom, the school staff member, the parish priest. 
I'm grateful for his teachers and classmates. 

I am proud of Aidan. 
I am certainly grateful for him, too.


Molly said...

That is awesome!!

Bethany said...

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome boyfriend ;-)

In all honesty though, yes, you are so blessed! Aidan is awesome, now and in 20 years when he comes to read this!!! :)

Sue said...

awww!!! yeah Aidan! Great Job Aidan!!!! Haleigh says great job too.