Monday, January 31, 2011

We Now Have a Dog

Brennan decided he's a dog. He requests to be called "doggy", and he can do tricks for imaginary treats.
He rolls over like a pro.
I much prefer this dog to a real one. (we're not a pet family)
Every once in a while the costume comes off, and he becomes Brennan again. But the past few days, he's "Doggy".
Like his tail?
Over the next few days we might get pounded with a winter storm. As in ice and up to 14 inches of snow. Woot. The grocery store last night was busy like Thanksgiving.  Even after going last night, I realized there are a few things I should pick up if we get the weather they're forecasting.
As for storms hitting during February, I say better now than closer to my due date!
Aidan had a great kid-weekend. Both boys did, actually. Friday night we played at an indoor play area. Super cool for them, especially because it included chocolate milk.
Saturday day-Aidan had his date with his grandparents, going out to lunch and using his Christmas giftcard. He got a pair of Sketchers (he insists that they make him run faster & jump higher). He also got a Mario Bros shirt that came with a toy, which he loves. Jeans that aren't floods he got, as well as a Toy Story shirt. Not bad for the kid!

While Aidan had that date, Brennan & Pat had a date to the store & library. Brennan was thrilled to have time with just Pat.

Saturday night, Brennan & I were home, and Pat & Aidan had a Scouts event.
They went to our local minor-league's hockey game. It was a special night for the Scouts.
They got to meet some of the players, get some autographs, a t-shirt, AND...after the game, they went on the ice and tried to make some goals.

Pretty darn cool for a 6yo, don't ya think?
Aidan had that time with Pat & his friends in Scouts. They didn't get home until almost midnight! Fun times. :)
No Menu Plan Monday for me this week. Oh we'll be's just not all planned out. Tonight it will probably be the Peanut Noodles we didn't get to last week. Another night will be sandwiches (we have turkey lunch meat). Another night spaghetti night. Another night...chicken something? See, I have a mental plan. ;)

I hope you're staying warm & have a good week!

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