Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Says, "Take That!" (in w/ a bang)

It's the 1st of February, and boy is it letting us know it's the final full month of winter.
Last night we got some ice & about 5 inches of snow. That's not the storm, though.
Later this afternoon & thru tomorrow we're supposed to get up to 15 more inches of snow, ice mixing in.
School was canceled today, & I'm sure tomorrow will be no different. 

February is usually one of my favorite months.
I get overly-excited over Groundhog Day. I like the movie, and I had fun w/ Groundhog Day when I was a teacher. It made it fun. :)

There is also Valentine's Day, of course. 
President's Day, offering some fun activities to do with kids.
A long weekend from school & work.

February also holds birthdays for 2 nephews and my good friend Bethany.
And HELLO! It's FINALLY the month I'm due!

This baby is considered full term, and I'm hoping in 2 weeks we'll be meeting him face to face. What we're going to call him, still not 100% sure.
Ah, I am so ready to have my body back. To go longer in between bathroom visits. To bend over peacefully. To tie my own shoes. To gain my lap back for my boys.

My parents will be coming up in about 2 weeks. The boys are so excited to see them.
And...we should file & receive our tax return. God knows we need it!

I hope February will be a good month. 
Anything you're looking forward to this month?

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Erica S. said...

I love snow days! Have fun with the boys. Praying for you and baby!