Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Hate you, Potatoes

2nd damn day in a row I cut my finger preparing potatoes to have w/ dinner.
Yesterday I was peeling them for shepherd's pie, and it peeled a finger on my left hand.
Think that doesn't hurt?! It does.

Today I'm slicing potatoes w/ a knife for oven rounds. Stopping to yell at Brennan AGAIN to clean up, the damn slick potato....I sliced my finger. ON THE SAME HAND!!!

Stupid potatoes & your oh-so-slick bodies.
This is what I get for cooking.
Tomorrow is so going to be cereal night for my family.

I'm already not feeling well today, I'm exhausted, hormonal & moody...just the cherry on top, these potatoes-I-hate.

Someone transplant me to a place, non-pregnant body, children w/ a nanny, and I'll be in a tropical location with a skinny, toned body. Sipping on...a daquiri? Something fruity and containing alcohol.
Then Ryan Reynolds can come deliver me some chocolate-covered strawberries.


Sue said...

buy baby potatoes-you don't have to peel those.

Bethany said...

Aww, what mean potatoes you have. I'm thinking the baby needs to come pronto! Have PB text me when you're heading to the hospital!

Amy said...

I'm all for cereal for breakfast. In fact, there should be a national Cereal for Breakfast day. Wishing you a very un-potatoey day.