Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back on the Wagon (a Return to Weight Watchers)

Saturday was the day.
THE day.
I went back to Weight Watchers.

It's both exciting & intimidating.

I went back at 5 weeks post-partum after Brennan, and now 4 weeks post-partum after Cillian.
I've been craving it. Seriously. When I'm disciplined and on-program with Weight Watchers, the rest of my life seems to fall more into place.
Perhaps because instead of emotional eating, I'm giving attention to issues that would turn me to emotional eating? I don't know. But it works out that way, for the best.

It's exciting because I want to lose weight, I feel more in control, and I feel more ME being back.

It's intimidating because I had mastered the old program. Practically never had to look things up, could plan meals without thinking twice, etc. It was very comfortable for me.
But I'm returning to the new Points Plus program.
While I think it will be good, result in weight loss, and ultimately is healthier than the old program, it still requires me to learn again. All over from the beginning.

I'm having fun finding new food blogs and recipes to try.
I have a long way to go (sadly). I hope on Saturday to see a loss.
Here is to another weight loss journey!


Amy said...

Welcome back! I was frustrated when I rejoined in January because I had to learn the whole new program, but it's really not that bad. Fruits and veggies are free, and things cost you more points... but you also get more points per day. I've steadily lost weight since joining except for two of the weeks-- and one of those was "funeral week" where I was eating casseroles people had brought to my parents' house nearly every day! ;) Good luck!

Amy said...

Oh- and you just reminded me, I keep meaning to do a post about good WW sites. I'll have to get that up sometime soon!

In Light of the Truth... said...

good luck!! You always inspire me!