Monday, March 07, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like I'm in catch-up mode, trying to stay afloat.
Not that things have gotten bad (though Cillian has had a few fussy days), but time is going by so fast & there are just not enough hours in the day.

One thing I have never gotten behind on: LAUNDRY. Thank God for that, because no one in this house has an extensive wardrobe! I've remained on top of the laundry, and truthfully, most of the housework.

Thank You Notes:
I'm almost current on this one. I mailed most of them out, but have a few more to go. It's been over-whelming just how generous people have been. Such a blessing!

School Stuff for Aidan:
I'm staying afloat here, as well. Can't let him get behind. We didn't stay on top of his oral reading as much, but we're getting back there.

School Stuff for Brennan:
I tried to do a Leprechaun craft w/ him today, and he insisted he couldn't color. I didn't fight that battle too long (even though he CAN color).  I know Brennan has been getting to watch too much tv lately. It seems when he & I get started on something, Cillian needs to nurse or requires a diaper change. I feel bad for Brennan, like he's not getting enough one-on-time right now. Thankfully story time at the library starts back up tomorrow. That will be good for him.
This makes me do homeschooling moms do it?

I'm a bit deprived of some solid sleep. That's pretty much a "duh" thing for a parent of a newborn.
I'm working on eating healthier & writing down whatever goes in my mouth. I don't feel fully motivated yet, though you'd think I would by looking at me. My stomach is gross. I hate mirrors. AND my double chin/fat face.
That being said, I am considering returning to Weight Watchers on Saturday. They normally want you to wait until 5-6 weeks pp, but I feel ready to go back, and my milk supply is not lacking. I think getting the health-focus back would only be good for me.

Still no real exercising for me. I'm really trying to listen to my body's cues, but it's so very frustrating. I WANT to be out there power-walking. I WANT to be doing the Shred and Last Chance Workout. I miss using the weights and pushing it to the limit. body just isn't ready yet. I'm frustrated and feeling impatient with that.

Does anyone else feel this way...that when you have a newborn in the house, you almost become roommate-status with your spouse? Time just blurs and goes by with so many demands those first few weeks. I find it hard, and I miss Pat. He's here, of course, but the nature of our time together isn't relaxed yet. We're still learning the "new normal" and it takes some time. And for that, I do feel slightly vulnerable & that I miss him.

I can't believe Lent starts this week! I don't think I'm ready, but ready or not, here it comes. We did go to Mass as a family this weekend. Pretty good considering we didn't take either boy to Mass at that age (2 weeks old). The rest will come...I suppose right now I can offer up the sleepless times for those who need the prayers!

I'm catching up. Learning who I am as a mom of 3 boys now.
I hope I'm doing a decent job, and not to look like a wreck to the world.
With God's help my efforts will increase, and I will stay on top of all that needs to get done.

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