Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cillian's Birth Story (finally) *long, sorry*

It's only taken me a month to post it. ;)

Cillian's birth:
Thursday (Feb 17) we played cards with my parents then headed to bed.
Around 11 p.m. I had to get up to go to the bathroom...several times. I was a bit crampy but had felt this way twice before, so I was trying not to get my hopes up.
I attempted to fall asleep, but I sat up with pain-contraction.
I walked around a bit then came back to bed.
The contractions kept coming, but not in a timely manner. They weren't much closer together than 12-15 minutes (and they say have them about 8 mins apart before going in).

By 1:00 a.m. the contractions became much more painful. It was massive pressure down there, like really bad butt pain. Cillian had dropped very early on, so I figured it was his positioning. This was unique to his pregnancy, as with Aidan & Brennan's labor I had no "butt labor".
The pain & pressure was getting more intense each time, though contractions weren't closer together. I was to the point of tears, exhausted (never got to sleep), and finally woke Pat. By 4-something in the morning we woke my mother. She recognized the pressure I was having (it was similar to one of her labors), and she & I thought the same thing: if he was that low, it could go very fast, and we wanted to make sure he was AT the hospital.

Finally we decided to head to the hospital around 5 a.m. I was nervous they'd send me home as my contractions weren't closer together, but the pain was INTENSE and the pressure incredible. I would have been rushed if they sent me home, and I was praying they wouldn't.

We got to triage and sure enough, I was only dilated to 2-3cm. Bummer. But being my 3rd baby, etc, they weren't sure if they'd send me home or not. They kept me to observe & see how I'd progress. Then it was shift change. Lucky us.
Over FOUR HOURS I was in triage, dealing with a tiny space to handle the contractions & the uncertainty of IF I'd be admitted or not. Ugh. It was mental torture.

They came to check me a few more times.
Oh my goodness, this time it hurt like nothing else. I had to put my fists under my toosh, and the 1st nurse was thrown off...either I was barely dilated or fully, she was unsure. So ANOTHER painful check...very painful, They really maneuvered to shove up there and it was rough & hurt.

Why were they thrown off?
I was still dilated to about 3 cm,. but Cillian was so low they could already feel his head! The nurses were convinced it'd go fast (but it wasn't).
Finally around 9 I was moved out of triage and being admitted. Thank God. I was so incredibly exhausted by this point, and I welcomed pain relief to try and REST.

Well crap dammit, as my grandma would say.
The doctor NOW on call was the youngest & newest in the practice. Being dilated to just under 5 cm, she suggested I NOT get the epidural just yet. I COULD, she said, but if it slowed me down she'd pull it altogether.
WHY? No other doctor has told me that. Lovely.
So figuring I'd want it for delivery, I said I'd wait.

The pain was getting worse, they gave me Nubane for the time being. It made me feel drunk & silly, but did nothing for the pain.
More cervical checks, just as horrible as the previous ones. I was getting beyond exhausted and intense, anxious.

it was after 1p.m. now. Over 12 hours of contractions, not a ton of progress (and I was walking), and it was hurting...really hurting. I felt like I was gaining a new butt.

This is where I felt frustrated: the other doctors would allow the epidural, so I could rest, etc, and IF it slowed me down, they'd break my water or start pitocin. But THIS, no, there are new guidelines that she didn't want to stray from. Something about IF labor is before 39 weeks, try to avoid inducing. I was 38 wks 4 days. HOWEVER, I was in active labor ON MY OWN, naturally. She could have helped me out! I was ticked at her & in my head, thinking it'd be lovely to slip her some laxatives or deny her pain relief. I'm evil like that.

I reached my point of "enough is enough", and I was dilated to 5cm. The doctor on-call said get the epidural, and they called up for it right away. Darn time!

I've never had problems receiving the epidural before, but sure enough, this was the time!  The anesthesiologist arrived & got me set up. I was sitting up right, leaning over the table, the nurse & Pat assisting me. The anesthesiologist struggled to get it in. She poked my back 4 or 5 different times, and kept saying she was hitting bone. Ugh! I didn't like hearing that. The pokes hurt, not to mention I was REALLY contracting now. Very close together. 40 minutes that lady poked my back. She was very apologetic, but I was starting to panic & think I'd have nothing for this delivery. I was not prepared for that.
Finally they called ANOTHER anesthesiologist up, and thank God he got in right away.
During that horrible time (seriously the MOST INTENSE PAIN, and I couldn't move to handle the contractions) I dilated from 5 to 7 cm.

Shortly after that the OB came to check me, and it was time to push!
Ha!  I like to think finally getting the epidural helped me relax to dilate more. But hey...

I pushed for I think 20 some minutes & Cillian was born!
6:12 p.m. (18 hours of labor).
6 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches long.
They put him on my chest right away & it was immediately beautiful. Overwhelming.
Aidan & Brennan were cleaned up first, and I think if we do this again, I will want that baby right away again.
It was amazing. As SOON as Cillian was on me, he stopped crying. He knew us right away.
Pat cut the cord and measured his length. It was pretty cool.

After the placenta delivered I was bleeding too much. The doctor gave me medicine up my bum (aren't you happy I'm an open book?;). They kept me in that room longer to watch my bleeding, as well as my blood pressure was too high. 
You know how they have to push down on your stomach after delivering, and the clots/blood ooze out? It HURTS? They had to do that much much more because of my bleeding issue. And it HURT.

We didn't move to recovery until 10-ish.

I was furious with this doctor for dragging it out like she did (knowing the other doctors in the practice wouldn't have), but she DID do some things I preferred.
Not having the epidural as long meant I avoided the catheter. I am prone to UTIs, and after Aidan & Brennan I would up w/ 2 right UTIs w/in the first month.
Not this time. So nice! I think the lack of a catheter made a difference.

Another thing this doctor did: she actually took the time to massage the perineum area. This was the least number of stitches I've ever had. Always good!

A funny thing: I hadn't eaten since dinner the night before. I was STARVING. Ice chips & popsicles didn't cut it. While I was pushing, I could actually FEEL my stomach growling. lol
In fact, they brought me in some chicken noodle soup to eat while they were cleaning me up still. Ha!

All in all, this has been the best recovery, both physically & mentally, I've had yet. I can't hate the doctor too much.
I think 18 hours is a bit long for my 3rd baby/5th pregnancy, but Cillian made it here, very healthy, and very cute. :)

My 3rd little boy...I love him so much.
He's a wonderful addition to our family.
Honestly, I could do it again.
It's an incredible thing, the experience of bringing life into this world.


Bethany said...

Well I could have done without the meds up your butt part of the story, but I'm sure when I'm giving birth you'll want to know about that too. ;) Sorry he took so long to arrive but I'm glad he's here and healthy and so darn CUTE!

Shelley said...

You had me at "butt labor." Too funny. But the rest....OOOUUUUUCHHHH!!!

Cillian sure is a beautiful baby, though. Great pictures, too! You're such a trouper, Sharon! Good work!

Mandy said...

Oh Sharon! I hurt for ya and nodded through the entire post. Two of my labors were like yours. So glad he's here to love and cuddle and you are healing nicely. The things we do for these kids from the start. :)

Molly said...

Wow, I shouldn't have read this days before having my baby! Great job getting through that...I feel your pain....literally :-)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Oh he's sooo cute, Sharon! But my word, 4 hours in TRIAGE-- NO FUN! I was there for awhile with Eli and it was horrible--slowed my labor down because I just had to lay there on the table instead of being up and about. And all the rest of your labor sounds awful! Way to endure! You're amazing!!