Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 1 Solo: So Far, So Good

Pat went back to work today, so it was Day 1 for me. 
The verdict: so far, so good! 

My goal was to be up, showered, & have both (older) boys dressed before he left for work. I got up while Pat was still in the shower, immediately made Aidan's lunch for school, then since Cillian was still asleep, I showered. Phew!
Pat is always helpful, so with everything going on (Cillian needing to be changed, etc), all 3 boys were dressed & set by 8:00. My plan is to get Cillian to nurse after 8:00 so he'll be good in the car while we take Aidan to school.
Success! (at least for today)

Cillian took a nice 2-hour nap in the bassinet, so Brennan & I played trains (see his track he built all by himself):
We did some "school work", played Follow the Leader, and managed to get through THREE loads of laundry (one for bedding sheets, a baby load, and a regular load). Brennan took a good quiet time, and I was even able to fold one load before Cillian woke up again. I also organized my coupons...that felt good.

That was a good day of chores, already! 

Cillian spent some more time in the Hotsling, helping me bring in the trash can & recycle bin (yay for trash day). 

We picked Aidan up from school with no problems. 
It feels good to be getting back into the swing of things. And of course, it's nice hearing people compliment our new cute baby. :-)

I'm sharing a picture from Sunday, just because I thought he looked so cute in the little outfit (only to wet through it 2 hours later):
And then today, my lil' chunk-a-cheek asleep in his swing:
Here is to a good 1st day, with hopes that tomorrow will run just as smoothly!


Mandy said...

Each day that you get through gives you that much more confidence! I found #3 was very laid back with all the chaos going on around him.

In Light of the Truth... said...

SHARON! That's an AWESOME first day!! Heck, that's an awesome ANY DAY!!

Erica S. said...