Thursday, March 03, 2011

Days 2 & 3

Day 2: Rough. 
Cillian wasn't himself, & it made me start journaling my food as I suspect food sensitivities.
People have been super generous in bringing over meals for us; however, that's meant basically pasta since last Thursday, and I think it was too much acidic food for Cillian.
He may also not agree with ice cream or chocolate. (Gasp! Whatever will I do?!;)

I drowned myself in water, watched more what I ate (need it for my waist, anyway) and revisited what to do w/ the over-active let-down I seem to have. I have no lack of milk here!

With the food consumed (I suspect) and the fast nursing combined with taking in too much too fast & air, Cillian had projectile spit up THREE times yesterday. Scared the crap out of me. We went through 4 different outfits.

He wouldn't nap, which is not like him. Not in his bassinet, not in swing, not in his car seat. I eventually got him to sleep in the sling.
LONG DAY. Oh, and of course he screamed bloody murder in his car seat. Made for a fun trip getting Aidan to & from school.
My energy was below maxed out by the time Pat got him, I was on edge & unnerved. Glad he just took over & knew I needed it.

Day 3 (today):
MUCH BETTER! Cillian is back. :)
Flooding myself with water seems to have helped.
He slept better last night (I'm convinced Pat wearing him in the wrap for a while helped!).

He napped in his car seat, in his bassinet, and in the sling. No spit up.

He was good, and Brennan & I managed to be productive:
-dusted master bedroom & boys' bedroom
-washed, dried, folded & put away laundry
-got pjs out & washcloths for shower
-set boys' drinks for tomorrow morning
-cleaned out my purse
-made master grocery list
-organized coupons
-mailed some thank-you cards at post office
-paid/received Girl Scout cookies (so delicious!)
-took boys after school for hair cuts

After all that, I feel good & productive. Tired, but good.
I've also done well drinking my water today (on bottle #5).

It's such a nice difference, Cillian feeling good & acting accordingly. Praise God for that! Seriously.
After dealing with a colicky baby for 4 months (Aidan), the slightest hint of a fussy baby makes me feel on edge. We survived colic once, and it was hands-down the hardest 4 months of my life.
I feel so RELIEVED today that Cillian is back to himself and the day was much smoother.

I don't feel harried or over-whelmed going from 2 to 3.
I stand by my usual answer: going from 0 to 1 kid was the hardest transition. It really helps having a school-aged kid, too, because it sets & mandates a schedule. It stinks rushing out the door each morning, but it gets us going and...dare I say...Cillian is on a semi-schedule already. LOVE IT! If we had none in school, I'd probably stay in my pjs too long, not shower right away, etc.

No harried or over-whelmed woman here today, but I DO feel ready for the weekend. Saturday, hurry up & get here!

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Bethany said...

Geeeez you are super woman :)

Cillian's a great baby. How old was Aidan when the colic came? Right away?? Hope you had a good weekend!