Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toughen Up

God is trying to toughen me up.
This can only be good, right?

Patrick won an award at work, and that meant a trip to Puerto Rico. It's half & half work/free time.
This is a big deal w/ the potential to impress some high-up people, so I truly wanted him to go.
He left Sunday morning at 3:30 a.m., and he returns Thursday evening.

For me that means being solo with the boys.
I honestly wasn't too nervous about it. I planned some fun things we don't normally do, made sure Aidan would buy lunch every day, bought WW frozen meals for myself, and easy food to quickly make for the boys. It'd be tough, but I was ready for the challenge.

And THEN...
Sunday I was proud of myself because I actually took all 3 boys to Mass by myself. I got in my shower, even dried my hair, and we made it not only on-time, but early. Score.
After Mass we went to Rite Aid near our house, and the car was totally dead. Nothing.
Now I started to feel on edge & defeated. I walked home w/ the 3 boys (in 30 degree weather), and with the help of friends and my in-laws, learned it was the battery connection. Fortunately nothing big and easy to fix. Just in case, I have my in-laws' car for the week.

That mess ended & I was feeling ready for the challenge again.
And THEN...
Sunday night Brennan was up ALL NIGHT coughing & fever. I mean literally every 20 mins he was up crying from about 8 until 2 a.m. I was still trying my best to handle Cillian, a 5-week old who needs to nurse twice a night. I had about 3 hours of very interrupted sleep. At this point I panicked and felt I couldn't do it.

Prayers were felt (and thanks if you were part of that).
I took Brennan to urgent care, and the dr said it's viral. I hate "viral". Ugh.
He did give him an Rx for a suppressant, and last night it worked so well! That along w/ the cool-mist humidifier.
We took Aidan to school, got the laundry going, I have coffe, and now I feel I can do this again.
I conquered the sleepless night, and I can do this.

I want Patrick to enjoy this trip. He really deserves it.
I felt at first like God was breaking me down, and I'm so weak.
But this week he is making me stronger.

It's not as bad as I thought. I was prepared for this, just not to do it with SICK KIDS.
God is toughening me up.
HE is bringing me to it, and HE is getting me through it.
Hopefully I can seem tough and secure when Pat comes home, and not ready to bolt for the door. ;)

So in Puerto Rico he is...much deserved. He would never tell me to NOT go. He wouldn't even think twice about it. He would just say "go", without complaint. Patrick is an incredible guy, and very hard working. I'm lucky to have him, and so is the company he works for.

Some pictures he's passed along:

Gross. They're everywhere there, apparently. Better Pat than me!

Gorgeous! The water. The palm trees. The SUN. Weather warm enough for shorts (as we're in the 30's still here) I told him to bring some of that sunshine home with him.
And maybe some treats for us. :)

We're not just hanging in there. At this point I feel we're doing well.
I showered. I'm staying on top of laundry & Aidan's homework. Got the trash out & recycle bin on time.
Got Brennan to the dr & back.
I can do this. I'm doing it.
And Thursday night, we'll be smiling to have Patrick back home with us.


Shelley said...

Awww, Sharon, this was just a great post. You're doing a wonderful job, exercising your vocation for all its worth. God bless you as a faithful and hard-working wife and mama.

Bethany said...

Well clearly you posted this before I talked to you and things got crazier. I hope you're still laughing, only because the alternative is probably falling apart and then I will come sickness or no. I'm packing my bag in the morning in case you call...haha. :) You are doing a great job though, Pat is hopefully enjoying his well deserved trip, and soon enough you'll be able to look back on this week and...well...just look back. LOL.