Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Day!

Today is crazy busy & exciting.

1-It's Aidan's 1st soccer game of the season. Never mind the muddy-wet fields. He's excited (woke up at dang 6:00 from that excitement), and it will be cute to see him give it his all in the game.

2-Cillian is being Baptized today!
I'm hoping he doesn't scream & it goes well.

We're also excited because Bethany is here visiting! (thanks for making the drive)
AND...we're going to see a dear friend of ours that we haven't seen since Aidan was ONE (he's 7 now). It will be great to see Steve (our friend).
It will just be nice to have so many family & friends celebrating with us.

So there it is-finishing off April with a bang!


Sue said...

cant wait to see all the pictures. Glad your friend were there too!
As with part of their bday resents, Cillian's baptism gift will be given @ the beach.

Bethany said...

Aw look, I made it onto your blog and it's been a week before I even made it over. Pathetic, I tell ya, although Cillian's baptism & the visit was fantastic! :)