Friday, April 29, 2011

The Birthday Cake!

OK, maybe cupcakes is more accurate.

We celebrated the Aidan's & Brennan's birthdays with my husband's side of the family on Easter.
Since Aidan had a party at Chuck E Cheese, we told Brennan he could pick the type of cake they'd have.
Brennan made it clear: he wanted a train cake.

Last year we successfully made a dinosaur cake.
I checked the Betty Crocker site again, and they had a train cake tutorial, but it seemed too much for me. Costs too much, too much detail, etc. Wasn't a good fit.

Then there was buying something like this
 Train Cake Pan , large
or this
Wilton Puzzle Cake, Transportation Silicone Puzzle Set
Both good options, but costing at least $20 and maybe not being worth it.

Then the magic happened & I found this blog post. We were hooked & inspired.
It was fun making the train cake, and I am so grateful to that blogger. ;)
My boys (especially Brennan) were very happy with their train cake.

So here it is:
 Aidan's 7 candles

 Brennan's 4 candles on a coal car

We are so blessed to have these 2 wonderful boys. They have big hearts & bring us much laughter and happiness.

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