Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Break: Week ONE

The 1st week of summer vacation has been a pretty good one.
We kept busy, but not over-scheduled.
The boys bickered, but played well together more.
I'm sitting here thinking "It's already Friday. That went fast!".
And to think that next week will be even busier with summer rec stuff starting...ready or not.

A recap of our 1st week:
Monday: Boys' pictures at Target. Adorable. :) It went well taking them by myself.
Later that day we enjoyed a nice trip to the park. It was seriously fun, watching my older 2 boys enjoying each other's company, running up the big hill, exploring trees...brothers are a gift of each other from God.

Can you see how red Aidan is? It was getting HOT.
So we went directly from the park to get some ice cream, with chocolate syrup & sprinkles, of course.

Tuesday: Story Time for Brennan started at the library. We stayed there for about 2 hours, the boys playing, Aidan & I checking out many books, and we even made some copies of fun things to do for craft projects, etc. (I found my old teaching stuff...woot!) Cillian slept nicely in the Beco.
After lunch we made a butterfly & caterpillar craft project. The boys played in the sprinkler while the paint dried.
Aidan's adobe house at the library
 paper towel tube painting (the caterpillar)
 Handsome :)
 excited to be messy
 the butterfly
 Cillian watched all the action
 sprinkler time
 fun in the summer sun
Wednesday: Aidan's 1st art class at the library. They made Guatemalan plates, making for a fun hour-long class for him. The boys also had dental appointments that day. Once again, no cavities! Yay for that. This was also Brennan's 1st dental visit. Pat took them, and I was told Brennan was excellent. They both came home super excited over their new toothbrushes & dental floss.
(heck yes I have a picture, thanks to Pat;)
Thursday: MOPS playdate at the boys' favorite park. We played for 1.5 hours, the weather was nice & cool. (about 25 degrees cooler than the day before, with much less humidity). After they enjoyed a "picnic" lunch on a blanket on the floor.

That brings us to today, Friday.
It's our 1st day without something planned, and it's raining. works out well. We rented Gnomeo & Juliet, which the boys are watching now for the first time.

Our first week of summer has been pretty fun, the week went by quickly, and I can only hope the rest of summer is as nice.
Next week starts the Summer Rec programs, and we will be pretty busy. 
And Thursday we leave for Myrtle Beach!!

How is your summer break going so far?

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Bethany said...

Our first week was okay. We were trapped at the house 2/4 days which was HARD. There was definitely some adjustment going on with the kids, not used to having E home, so it was harder on me. We didn't have any rest time the two days we were able to have the van, which makes the day seem doubly long. I have a feeling it will be a long, long summer (at least in the work aspect). Also, I love the caterpillar craft! Where are you getting these ideas?