Monday, August 29, 2011

Clocking Out

I'm clocking out.
Well, not really, since I'm home.
But instead of doing what I should be doing, (walking for exercise, cleaning up dinner), I'm opting for early pajamas, red wine, and playing Ms. PacMan.

My mind feels heavily consumed by stressful thoughts today. From finances, to schooling/homeschooling, exhaustion, gaining weight too easily, working hard to lose weight & not, having a small house, not working, being a SAHM, the value or de-value in said choices....all of these things are floating in my head today.

I'd love to scream, run, and hide in a gigantic bowl of creamy ice cream and hot fudge.
Not having that, I'm settling for a night in with kids in bed (asleep? That's another story), a glass of wine, and my friend Ms. PacMan awaiting.

As much as I can, I am clocking out early today.
Hopefully those heavy thoughts will clock out, too.


Crystal said...

I already sent you an email but I wanted to make sure you know I'm thinking of you!

Amy said...


Bethany said...

I could have written a lot of this post that day that I was yelling into the phone at you. well not AT you, I was venting to you, but you know :) You are not alone, my friend!