Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Grade!

 Hi, I'm the mom who takes too many pictures of my kids. ;)
Monday was Back-to-School Night. My kids happily went, saw the renovations at their school, met their teachers, dropped off their school supplies, and caught up with friends. Above is Aidan unpacking at his seat. I'll say this: his teacher this year is super organized & I am impressed!
Notice (above) his name in yellow on the table? Their table is the yellow table, which coordinates with the yellow section of the closet for backpacks, etc. Smart lady, his teacher.

Yesterday was Aidan's 1st day of school...of 2nd grade.
Aside from the lump in my throat, it was exciting to take him. He was looking forward to it and all in all,  he had a great first day. I'm still in denial that it's back-to-school season, but hopefully this is the start of a very good year. (but at any given moment, I'm on board to homeschool!;)
 Aidan & Cillian
 all 3 of my precious boys (fighting over who gets to hold most of Cillian)
 Aidan--2nd grader!
 outside his classroom (greatly annoyed w/ me by this point at taking pictures)
 Even Patrick joined us in taking him on the 1st day. 

It felt weird when Brennan & I returned home, but we enjoyed some school work, crafts, and making a surprise treat for Aidan on his first day of school: snow brownies (brownies sprinkled w/ powdered sugar).

Here is to the 2011-2012 school year!


Amy said...

It's a big year for him (and Robbie, too). First Communion. Hope he has a great year.

Sue said...

Aidan looks so much older!! It looks like a great class-I bet he will have a great year.
You are not alone. Haleigh-7th grader & all-is not liking the new teacher & really cried last night! It is tough no matter what grade or age.
Cillian is sooo big & cute!!
(brennan too ;)
Now all you need is a kitten......