Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Be Still, My Heart

School starts tomorrow for Aidan.
My mind is going a mile a minute, perhaps even more.

He's a 2nd grader...2nd grader already.
He's getting old & big & more & more comfortable away from home.
He's learning cursive this year, receiving his First Reconciliation and First Communion.
He & Brennan have become such good friends this summer.
Will that change w/ school starting back? Please God, don't let it.
Will his friends from last year still be good friends for him?
Will he make any new friends
His teacher seems great. I hope she gets my sweet, sensitive son.
Brennan will miss him. He'll suddenly seem even older to me, being the "big kid" at home.
Aidan was a huge help this summer, with Cillian and Brennan.
Brennan will have to learn to cut open his own gogurt.
Who will Brennan play with?
Will Aidan be comfortable?
Will Brennan be happy?
Will Cillian finally get back on a good schedule?
My heart is heavy, my throat with a lump.
I hope we like the new principal.
I hope she cracks down on the dress code.
Summer is unofficially over. Already.

My mind is racing with oh so many thoughts.
I feel anxious for tomorrow, for the school year.
I am so going to miss Aidan being home all day, I'll miss watching he & Brennan play, entertaining Cillian.
I want to just hold them tighter, longer, and not let them go.
God, give me the strength to let go, and please bring me a sense of peace in doing so.

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