Monday, September 19, 2011

White Flag Waving

*Caution: whine included. Reading this may result in wanting some real wine.*

Can I kick & scream, yell "it's not fair!", and cry?
I can't?

Well, then, accept this as me waving my white flag. Wildly waving it.
I'm waving it for God.

I give up! I surrender!
I've tried to find what gets HIS attention, and it seems I've failed.
Because in our efforts to communicate with Him, we're getting the same ol', same ol'.
Isn't that almost the definition of insanity?

I know, I know, God hears our prayers, maybe He wants just the life we have for us, bla bla bla.

I'm telling ya, I'm waving my flag.
I give up on the prayers I've been praying, because Lord knows there seems to be know relief answer!

Waving that flag....yes I am. Wondering what others are doing to get His attention so well, what we're doing wrong, and how long until the answer is known.


Yes, a bla feeling on a rainy bla Monday.

A wise person today told me "Keep the Faith". I know, deep down, that those are very wise words.
Erroneous not one bit.
While my glass appears half empty, I'll try to look at it for a moment as half full, and Keep the Faith.
It's not feeling easy, but Faith matters, right?

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