Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stand Up for What is Right, Even If You Stand Alone

My 9th grade English teacher had this poster in her classroom. It sticks with me to this day.

The other night I was at an event our parish was hosting: An Evening of Reflection and Prayer for 40 Days for Life.
It was over an hour of prayer, including Benediction, Adoration, hymns sung in was simply beautiful.

In my head I kept hearing "Stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone".

Looking around the room, you'd praise God for not being alone. There were maybe 20 of us there.
We were together, not having to stand alone, united in prayer, preparing our hearts to take action.

What we came to stand for? LIFE.

Call it what you want: a zygote, embryo, fetus, BABY  (HUMAN), they are alone.
They have no person to fight for them, especially in the sad circumstances of their own parents hoping to end their very life.

When you can't even count on the womb--the very first home--to be a safe haven, when you can't even count on that, it's beyond sad, and it's our moral responsibility to take a stand.
We stand together to fight for their LIVES. The basic right to live & breathe.
Those babies-HUMANS-with beating hearts, they are not able to even stand up alone to fight for their own lives. Their very life, before even having the chance to live it, is threatened.

I don't live in a perfect world without trials & tribulations, I don't come from money and I certainly acknowledge that there are bad people in this world. Things happen that emotionally scar people, such as rape.
Research it, though, and you'll learn that the majority of abortion cases are not a result of rape, despite what Planned Parenthood would like us to believe.
Even in the event of rape, the wrong person would be receiving punishment (the baby), and that is not just. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I could go on that rant forever, citing actual facts about abortion, post pictures to imprint in your brain the horror that it is.

Instead, I'll plead that in some form, you take action.
Yes, YOU.
Start with prayer.
Pray for the moms considering abortion. Those moms feel hopeless, scared, unsure. They rely on abortion as a last result.
Pray for them and their babies. Pray for the father of those babies, so that they may be men that do not threaten the lives of the mothers and/or babies, inflict violence, threaten to leave them if...

Pray for the resources needed to choose LIFE to become apparent in the lives of these women.
Adoption options, pregnancy centers that offer classes, free baby items, etc.
Pray these things will make themselves known to these women.

If prayer is the only thing you can do, so be it. After all, it's communication with God-it's a great thing.

Let's say you can do more (and I suspect most of you can).

Check out the 40 Days for Life site and see if you can sign up to participate.

Gather items to donate to a pregnancy center.
Make a straight financial donation.

Educate yourself in the matters necessary that deal with our political front, such as the Heartbeat Bill.
When the time comes, VOTE responsibly.

There is so much a person can do. You don't need a lot of time or money (I have neither), but a desire in your heart.

Stand up for what is right.
I would stand alone, but thank God I don't have to.
Together let's stand up for those who are alone.
For the babies. For the pregnant mothers. So many of them feel alone or are alone.

Join me in taking a stand.


Sweetie Nickel said...
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Sharon said...

"Sweetie Nickel",

There are many sources claiming that, but based on the bio of your person, I highly doubt she is the original speaker of this quote. The date of her birth, and the dates of which I attended high school (and hence viewed the poster in my teacher's classroom), and I am comfortable believing that it does not match up.

Perhaps you should take action against ALL of those companies selling these posters, without "proper credit" being given to someone as young as being born in 1975 (speaking words that are aged well beyond that).
For instance, here: