Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching Up~ A Visit with a Friend

Last Sunday we headed 2 hours south to Dayton.
What's in Dayton, you might ask?
Well, a very dear friend is stationed there (USAF).
We've known Steve for going on 14 years (14?! That makes me feel old!). He & I were in Austria the same semester, he & Pat lived off campus together senior year, he was in our wedding, etc.

Steve has also spent a good amount of time overseas serving our country. We are thrilled to have this hero-friend of ours not only in the states, but in the same state as us!
He's made several trips to our area, so we loaded up the kids and drove to him.
He made us a most delicious German dinner.

See? YUM.

Following that we had a personal tour of his "classroom", as he called it:

So cool! Lucky kids.

Next we went to the Air Force museum, (Wright-Patterson):

A gigantic place, amazing things to see...I hope to take the boys back there when they are older and can appreciate it more.

Thanks to Steve for hosting us and making it such an awesome day!

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