Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Forgot to Mention

Cillian is now in his own room.
He has been for about 3 weeks.

It's bittersweet for me.
Our babies were always in our room with us, mostly out of necessity due to lack of space.
In that, though, I came to appreciate it. It's easier with nursing, but I also learned that I (most of the time) like my babies close to me. I actually sleep better at times when they're in bed with me, nestled all snug.
Aidan was a fabulous co-sleeper. He'd snuggle in and stay put.
Brennan was only for a month or so, and then he needed his space.
Cillian is depending on the day. ;)

Unfortunately he reached a point of waking nearly every 2 hours. It coincided always with us coming to bed, so he seems sensitive to any noise. Once awake, he'd want to nurse, then after that we'd have to leave the room to let him cry, come back in once he stopped, he'd wake, and the cycle continued.
It was "musical sleeping": starting in our room, moving to the living room, back to our room, even the boys' room. I just needed SLEEP!

So we said we'd do a trial run, and it was much much better. This week not so much, as 2 more teeth are coming in.
All in all, Cillian seems happy with his own room & space.
I do still bring him to our bed from time to time, but I admit it is nice to be able to move more freely in our room. Kid #3 is what it took to have an actual "nursery" in our home! :)
The playroom has been transformed:

I was sad to give up the only "playroom" we've ever had, but sleep is more important.
For now.

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Bethany said...

I am sad that my bedroom is gone but I'm glad Cillian is doing well in there! :) Miss you guys...I'll try and call you tomorrow :)