Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Absent-Minded Blogger

From the looks of it, I've abandoned this blog. Say it ain't so!

Several things have just been consuming me and every ounce of my time lately, and not just the 3 little charmers in my life (ok, the big charmer, too;).
More on that to come.

For now, I want to post the big "catch-ups", the highlights from the last month that I've failed to post, capture, and later on treasure. Why else blog? ;)

Let's see, I'll start with:

Pinewood Derby! 
Aidan's 2nd year in Scouts, 2nd race. He really dedicated himself to making his Star Wars-designed car, and we are so proud of him. On top of it all, he won 2nd place prize for design for his den! 
 Aidan with his big trophy

 Next up: Brennan!
Brennan has been doing very well in preschool. He is well-behaved in class, and his fine motor skills are developing nicely. The boy can color very well! Here are some pictures to share his preschool fun.
Groundhog Day hat
 Valentine's Day 
 I adore this picture. It's so Brennan.

More Scouts: the Blue & Gold Banquet 

My sweet baby moved into his new convertible car seat. He's loving it, and I don't miss luggin' around that baby carrier, either. I do wish they didn't have to be rear-facing (my older 2 were forward facing after age 1). But hey, he has 2 brothers to keep him company back there.

 Speaking of Cillian,
he had his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

 Already. How on earth did he turn 1 last Saturday?! It went by way too fast. 
 He sure loved his cake.
 And we sure love him.

 He also experienced his first Spaghetti Dinner at our church. It's a big tradition in our parish, and they make over 5,000 meatballs for it. Cillian enjoyed himself.

 Here he is enjoying one of his birthday presents, almost walking completely on his own

 Loving another birthday gift, wrestling with Brobee

So yeah, 22 pictures later (are you actually still here?!), I'm almost caught up.  Life is busy busy busy, but good. My boys are growing up before my eyes, way too fast.

I have many reasons to be more present in the blog world, and hope to do so starting with this post.

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