Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blood, Sweat & Tears (and the trampoline is set up!)

With some soul-searching and decisions we've made, we decided to invest in some things for our boys to have in the backyard. I saw a good deal on a trampoline, and 3 weeks later, it's now set up!

I was only willing to buy one with the netting enclosure, and I'm taking advantage of the fact that our boys are only mildly adventurous. ;)
 It was hot when Pat set it up...upper 80's and quite humid. Aidan was right there to help, of course.
 Some tools bounced back at Pat, and those springs were tough (as they should be), so this job finished off with blisters to show for it. Many blisters.
Was it worth it? Well, it's not even been 24 hours yet, but so far, it's looking positive. 

I'm excited about this new opportunity for my lively boys to burn off some energy!
Am I worried about safety? 
Well duh, I'm a mom.
However, kids are going to get a hurt, with or without a trampoline. They get hurt digging in the DIRT, for heaven's sake. Or riding a bike. Or running down the sidewalk....
Catch my drift? 

The plan is for them to be supervised while on this, and for the privilege of playing on it to be taken away if the
 rules are not followed. 
No shoes.
One at a time (most often).
No flips or somersaults. 
Friends can only play on it if Pat or I hear the other parent give permission.

So until we have a reason to feel otherwise, right now we're excited for our boys!

Next up: the playset!

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