Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Running Man

Who is the running man, you ask? 
My husband!

Patrick started running last summer, and he is just a natural. I'm both envious and proud of him.
I'm glad he's found some form of exercise that he truly enjoys. The health benefits, the stress-relief it offers...it's just so good for him.

2 weeks ago he did his first half-marathon, finishing in under 2 hours. He succeeded in making the time he aimed for, and compared to the seasoned runners, he did very well!

We're so proud of him, and it was a cool experience for us to watch him cross the finish line.
I love that our boys are seeing the non-chore aspect of exercise, too...hopefully it will inspire them to run cross-country in the fall.
Aidan was very happy for him, (Brennan, too, just elsewhere with his train;).
His next half-marathon is less than a month away.
I'm looking forward to that for him, and eventually, when he does his first full marathon!

Keep it up, Pat! As I like to say, Now we know why God gave you those long legs! 

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Deanna Caswell said...

Hi! I didn't realize you had a blog. How's the MODG stuff going? And have y'all ever done a COLOR run? We aren't avid runners, but we really want to try it when it comes to Memphis in October.