Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scouts Cake Bake

Funfetti cake mix.
Buttercream frosting, colored blue and green.
Red food gel.
Hershey kisses.
Add it all up and you get....


Each year in Scouts, they do a cake bake. It's a fundraiser, meaning all of the cakes are presented, then auctioned off. 9 times out of 10, the parents end up buying their own kid's cake. Wanna guess how much we bought our own cake for?

Isn't that the best part? ;)
I mean, uh, the best part is the learning experience for the boys, and the time they spend working on the cake with their dads.

We tossed around a few ideas, and decided on this dinosaur cake.
We made a similar cake a few years back, so we already had the needed pans, etc. It was presumed this would be cheaper. (again, guess how much these cakes auction for...)

Aidan is creative and artistic, so he enjoyed decorating his cake. I enjoyed watching him engage in his culinary side.
Adding M&Ms on as the rocks
 placing each one carefully
 Next up: add the Hershey Kisses
 The finished product! 
 Aidan and his buddy, Charlie
 Our awesome troop leader...he drew a name of one of the Scouts & let him throw a pie in his face! The kids thought it was wonderful. :) Such a good sport, our leader!
Aidan and Pat did a good job on their dinosaur cake.

Before I go, some of the other cakes that were fun to see:

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