Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spoiled by the Sun

We hit almost 80 degrees here twice this week already...and loved every ray of that sunshine.

Brennan constantly wants to ride his scooter, and we've enjoyed many things:
 trees with buds, a sure sign of Spring...
 hugging trees and attempting to climb,
 waaayyyy up there!
 Puddles galore, which is far too tempting for a young boy.

 Cillian has loved his stroller walks, with Brennan to watch in front of him.
 We saw these fun ducks on our walk yesterday. 
 Another day, another tree, followed by "take my picture, mom!".

 Yesterday it was great that Aidan had next to no homework. We went straight to the park & everyone was happy.
 Loving the swings
 my oldest & my youngest
 BE IT KNOWN: Aidan mastered the monkey bars. After trying for so long, he finally did it!

 Sometimes life is an uphill climb~

These temps aren't typical for us, here in the Midwest, but we sure aren't complaining!

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