Tuesday, April 03, 2012

It's [still] Empowering

Wearing my baby.

We wore Cillian all the time his first few months, and still regularly once he was mobile.
But lately, with him walking, it feels like forever since we wore him daily.

Enter the past 2 weeks.
I don't know if it's the massive teething he's doing or what, but the boy has not been napping well, sleeping horribly at night, and more cranky than usual. He's usually not cranky, he's so good-natured.
It's been impossible to cook dinner, he gets into everything of the boys, then they whine, and it's a cycle that's not fun to be in.

Lightbulb moment: wear him.
Just like when he was younger.
(except now, on my back)

Boy has the Beco been a lifesaver! I've been wearing Cillian on my back, and it's empowering.
It gives me that "I can do anything!" feeling.
With Cillian on my back, he can't mess with the boys, and he is happy because he's being held.
I'm cooking dinner while wearing him.
Putting away laundry.
Playing with the boys.
Heck, it was adorable...they were running in circles on the trampoline, and C & I were running around on the outside of it, alongside them. We were all cracking up.
I'm able to do homework with Aidan while Cillian is on my back, dance with him...

It's so empowering.
I forgot just how empowering babywearing can make you feel.
To be able to take care of your baby, get things done and take care of the older kids...it's a good feeling.

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Hi. I'm Lu. said...

Awesome post! And I agree! I don't wear Millie nearly as much as I did the other ones..... I may remedy that tomorrow! :) Thanks for the reminder! Babywearing is empowering.... and I love being able to snuggle and kiss my babes!!