Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ham It Up

No, this isn't a post about ham...or pork...or bacon (even though we sure love bacon over here).

It's a post about how Cillian just hams it up for the camera these days!
Complete with him saying "cheese!", which actually comes out like "chz".
That's one of his new words. Cheese.
The other? Shoes.

Our little guy has stopped for the camera a few times recently, so being a good mommy & not neglecting to have pictures of the third child, I'm sharing these:

Biker Boy!

 Too young for yard work? Not this guy!

Memorial Day 2012
 He stopped specifically for the camera here. HAM

 In the middle of saying "cheese", can't ya tell?

 Maybe it's me, but I think he looks too old in the overalls! Adorably cute, of course. Unbiased opinion. 

 He got closer to assure I saw him uttering "Cheese!"
 In true stinker-fashion, he darted off into his brothers' room as if we'd never guess he was in there.

Alright, so perhaps I posted too many Cillian pictures.
PISH....wait for it...POSH.

He's my current baby and these are the moments, right?

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Bethany said...

Well I didn't know you guys when A & B were little tots, but I have to say Cillian is suuuuuchhhh a cutie!!! :-D I remember the day I came to visit and you told me you were pregnant...crazy how time flies. Miss ya all!