Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank You, Home Depot

Have you checked out the kids' clinics at Home Depot?
They are educational, fun, and best of all, FREE! :)

We hadn't gone in a while, so 2 weekends ago we went and the boys sure enjoyed themselves.
I love seeing their brains at work in such a masculine-feeling place. (yeah, yeah, call me sexist or whatever)

 What did they make? A 4-compartment organizer. 
Aidan did really well on his own, hammering, reading directions, etc.
Brennan needed a bit more help. 

Cillian was there to cheer them on and take off his shoes 100 times  

They have such a good daddy...

Once the product was built, they went to a different station to paint it. This was Brennan's favorite part.

 All done! With a very wet, painted organizer!

 I got to have a little fun, too.
After the kids' clinic, we checked out the flowers.
See these pretty geraniums? 

They found a nice new home in my window boxes. :)
 I also bought 2 hanging baskets full of gorgeous Gerber Daisies...I love those!
 All in all, we enjoyed ourselves. Oh! And Home Depot also had free hot dogs, popcorn, and bottled water that day, too! So a big shout out "Thank You, Home Depot!".
If you haven't checked out their kids' clinics, go do it!

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Jen said...

Do they have these clinics all the time? I'd love to send my little man and my husband!