Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wanna Go Shopping?

Have you heard of Mom 4 Life?
Mom 4 Life has all the cool baby products we love...slings, wraps, cloth diapers, cute clothing, and nice Mommy products, too. There are frequently great sales. And this month there is free shipping! (on US orders) Free shipping-who doesn't love that? ;)

Why am I telling you about Mom 4 Life for shopping? Well, this is the cool part. It's not only mom-owned, which I love to support. It's also a pro-life way to shop. 10% of each purchase made through this site goes to a crisis pregnancy center, where women are counseled and given support to choose life. You can
click here to read the details.

Shopping for fun, supporting a pro-life cause...shopping (doing something you love and that's fun!) while supporting a good, moral cause. It's perfect!

I'll be doing some shopping soon. I have to take advantage of the free shipping! AND the free lip balm that comes with each purchase over $10. ;)

Here are some things I'm thinking of buying:
BedBugz Bed Bolster
Bible ABC Memory Game
HonestBaby T-Shirts (I love the "Ferberizing Stinks!" and "not sleeping through the night" shirts)
OkkiBaby clothes for my boys (love the "just crawling around" and "precious cargo")

Check it out. Let me know if you find something you like!

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