Saturday, August 04, 2007

We were in the Paper!

Brennan and I. :)
Last month at our NINO meeting, our local paper sent a photographer there to snap some shots. We were told there was going to be an article on babywearing and natural parenting. Exciting, right?

I was there for group shots, and the photographer also got a few of me wearing Brennan. And we made it in the paper! I'm wearing him here in my Hotsling.
We were looking forward to the coverage, but the article was much different than we were all led to believe. Not necessarily bad, but we were a little disappointed. It generally covered ways to soothe babies over all. And yes, babywearing is a huge part of that.

Regardless, it's kind of cool that Brennan has already been in the paper, and he's only 3 months old! I'm saving a copy for his baby book. ;)

Here is the article online. For whatever reason, our picture was not featured online as were some of the others. Some online were also not featured in the actual physical paper-go figure!
(oh, and PS...not to sound picky, but for anyone in the market...this is not a wrap as mentioned in the caption. This is a sling/pouch. A wrap is a different style carrier)


Amy said...

How cool! :)

momwats8 said...

Very cool!!! You look beautiful as always:)

Greg said...

Wow!! That's so cool!! Great picture!

Amy said...

It just dawned on me what paper this is... have I ever told you that I went to college at Bowling Green? :)