Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a Blessing

My three-year-old, Aidan, is truly a blessing to me. (to our entire family)
Here is a perfect example of Aidan's thoughtfulness.

Today he stayed downstairs to play while I was getting Brennan down for a much-needed nap. As I was coming down the stairs, Aidan excitedly told me to close my eyes. Then he said "SURPRISE! OPEN THEM!". He had set up a picnic for me. My Aidan, thoughtfully planned something for his momma.

Right there in the middle of our living room, Aidan had spread out a big blanket, laid the salt & pepper shaker down, a strainer, play food, sippy cup, and his baby doll. He told me he made a picnic for us, then snuggled me right then and there on that picnic. (darn it that I missed taking pictures!)

I tell you, my eyes teared up. I was so touched. He made my day!

That was the best picnic I have ever been on. To feel loved by your child is such an amazing feeling!

I also want to share real fast...I believe it's important to often tell your children you're proud of them for this or that, build their confidence, etc. One thing I try to do is tell Aidan that he is my blessing. In my opinion, there are few compliments that top being called a blessing.
And he is. Aidan is my blessing. As is Brennan, our baby in heaven, and my husband. What a gift family is.


Jennifer said...

This made me cry.

I love that boy! And every word you said about a child's love for his Momma is so true! There's nothing like it in the world!

SusieJ said...

What a sweet post.

Andrea said...

How sweet! I too think there is nothing better than complimenting your child OFTEN! I do it about everything good he does. =)
I like the "your a blessing". I'm going to start useing that.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Aww, that is soooo sweet! That would make me cry too! =)