Thursday, December 13, 2007

Around the Blogosphere

Some posts made me smile, visiting Thursday Thirteen participants.

~13 Ways to Remove Crayon Marks from Walls (fromThe Parenting Diaries)
-Not only do I appreciate this as a parent, but especially as a mom of two boys.

~German Christmas Traditions (from Dragonheart's Domain)
-This one brought back memories! I experienced many on the list back in 1999. Nothing like Europe this time of year!

~ I was pleasantly surprised to see Andrea joined in on the Thursday Thirteen fun!
-Now if only we could get a few others...hint hint! (Jennifer....)

Bloggy fun is good, and, if you ask me (you asked, right?) necessary. ;) A few minutes to escape adrift while the kids are unsupervised is good for the mother's soul.
OK. Psych. They're not always unsupervised. Really.

Did you come across any blog posts today that made you smile?


Kellan said...

Hi Sharon - I'm Kellan. Just came across your blog from another site and I think blogging offers so much to us mothers. Good advice, good recipes, good ideas and good friends. Nice to meet you - hope to see you again. Kellan

sandierpastures said...

Hi Sharon, I am glad my TT has made someone smile. Nice to know you! I'll be reading more here.

(where you saw that Crayon TT..I am signing to comment using the URL of my main blog)