Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday 13

This will most likely be the last T13 I do until 2008, so today I offer a recap of 2007.
(thanks to Amy for the graphic!)

13 Things About My Life from 2007
1. I started off the year pregnant! And not just pregnant, but pregnant with obnoxiously painful kidney stones.
2. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (& he was born w/ a natural Mohawk!).
3. I watched, in awe, my firstborn become an older brother, with compassion and instant love for his baby brother.
4. I joined Weight Watchers...and I'm close to becoming a lifetime member!
5. I visited my family in South Carolina in August.
6. I quit my part-time job of tutoring through Sylvan. (actually while I was doped up on pain pills!)
7. I got hooked on the show Without a Trace.
8. I got into "babywearing"; Brennan and I were even in the paper!
9. We became members of the zoo, getting a family membership
10. I've only gone to the actual movie theater once in 2007! For me that's unusual, as I love the movies. We last went in January, seeing Children of Men. It was a disappointing movie, too.
11. I went to Gatlinburg, TN for the first time. MUCH cooler place than I expected!
12. I started several new blogging rituals, like Menu Plan Monday, Wordless Wednesday, and Thursday Thirteen. ;)
13. I turned 27, celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary, watched my oldest turn 3, and became mom to 2.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Christmas!

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EHT said...

You've had quite a year. I love Gatlinburg!

Toni said...

Wow, we have many similarities. I started out the year pregnant, too, although I gave birth on 1/3/07 so that didn't last long. My daughter became a big sis. I love Without A Trace and have only been to the theater once. I love all the blogging games, too.

Seems like you and I had a pretty big 2007. Enjoy your holidays and happy tt!

Dragonheart said...

It's been a busy year for you! Congratulations on the birth of your second child!

Bethany said...

Happy Thursday! I was linked to your blog from

and am wondering if we spent a semester in Austria in the same place! Were you in Gaming?? :) I was there but not until '04- my sister is there now and oh, how I miss it! I am also Catholic and live in Ohio :) Praying to meet my future husband-- how blessed are we?

Sharon said...

Bethany-e-mail me! ;)
Yes, it was Gaming! Wow! Small world. FUS?
I miss the Kartauause. No place more beautiful! Wow. Such a small world. Send me an e-mail if you get a chance.

Andrea said...

Sharon, Just not getting to commenting on this. We're having one of those days and I'm trying to get ready to leave for shopping. Leaving Landen behind and I want him to be happy an dhe's being crabby. LOL!

Anyway, loved all your links and your 2007 life. This was SOOO FUN!

I love reading your posts, and so thankful Jenn told me about your blog.

Thanks for stopping by mine and commenting. Yes, waterbirth was awesome. Let me know if you ever want to hear more. =) It's a great experience.

Morgan Leigh said...

I love Gatlinburg! :) I used to live in Nashville. I wish I could move back there. :) You've had a very busy year. Happy TT!

Mommychicky said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes. Will 2008 be as crazy? Will any of us moms get to the movie theater more often? Only time will tell.

Check me out if you get a chance. Happy TT!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

PREGNANT AND KIDNEY STONES!!! EGADS!!! The TWO most painful human conditions!!! You've had quite the year, certainly, but what a way to start!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Sounds like a pretty great year (aside from the kidney stones) :)

Holly said...

We'll miss you. Wow, what a year it has been for you? Fantastic!!


Happy TT-13!



Nicholas said...

You've been up to a lot! See you next year.

pussreboots said...

Sounds like you had a busy year. Happy TT.

Tara said...

Great list. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Lori said...

It sounds like you had a great year!! Congrats on the baby boy:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

we watched our three year old become an older brother this year as well!

Malcolm: said...

I saw the trailer to "Children of Men" when me and my ex-girlfriend went to see "Lady In the Water". The trailer didn't seem all that interesting... neither was "Lady In the Water".

Thanks for visiting my TT.