Sunday, December 16, 2007

Menu Plan Monday--December 17, 2007

Short menu this week! Thursday we're hitting the road bright & early (actually, dark & early;) to visit my side of the family for Christmas!**Say a prayer we're able to! Our transmission now needs to be fixed!*** The trip also results in me planning for inexpensive meals.Monday: Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie
Honey-Mustard Chicken or Soup & Sandwiches
Bean & Cheese Burritos or Rice & Beans
On the road to Gatlinburg! (hopefully)
Friday-Sunday: South Carolina with my parents

Have a wonderful,
Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for stopping by! Thanks, also, to Laura for hosting MPM!
*edited to switch to the new holiday banner! Thanks, Laura!


Becky said...

My son and his family live in central Ohio, and I can sort of guess what your weather is like. I said a quick prayer that you would make it "home" safely.

Merry Christmas!

Bethany Sue, CFO said...

Yummy! I love burritos

Sandra said...

Great menu this week, thanks for sharing :)

Have a great Christmas!
Mine is up too :)

Natalie said...

Have a safe trip!!!

My Menu Plan is up too! :)

Amy said...

Have a wonderful trip and Christmas! I will pray that you can make it and your car behaves.

Morgan Leigh said...

:) Have fun with your traveling! :) I love Gatlinburg.

Candi said...

Tasty week!!

Let me know if you try the salad. I was actually craving one tonight. I hadn't had one in a couple of days because I needed to chop up my veggies. I chopped them tonight and had a salad!!

Praying you have safe travels!!