Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've Been Absent; Random Updates

At least from blogging. (though I've tried to stay up on reading others' posts!;)

I was pretty much sick all week. You know, the basic cold--sore throat--fever-bug.
That mostly kept me away from the computer, but we were also in Michigan for two days for my dh's work conference. Know what's cool? He went to the Detroit Auto Show, and he saw Sandra Bullock there! He was pretty close to her, too, but never got to meet her or anything. Still, isn't that cool? I like most of her movies. Actually, we just watched Premonition last week. (it was OK. I didn't care for the ending too much)

Sick, work in MI, Sandra Bullock...what else?

Oh! Guess what? Aidan is officially registered for preschool! PRESCHOOL! Starting after Labor Day, he'll be going to preschool Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays from 12:30-3:00. I find it to be bittersweet. I know he'll love it and needs the interaction with other kids, but I just can't believe he's already almost FOUR and my full-time days with him are limited. Heck, after this year he'll be in kindergarten! I am so not ready for that. *sigh*
I've always had mixed feelings regarding what is best for his schooling, but dh and I agree that everything is flexible. If this doesn't seem to be in his best interest, we either place him in a different school or home school. Nothing is concrete. For what it's worth, though, we toured and spoke with several staff members, and I feel very comfortable with where he'll be going. I was judging it as both a parent & teacher. On both levels, I felt good about it. We'll wait & see!

What else have I been holding out on you guys?
I finally went back to Weight Watchers. I felt for sure I had gained nearly 5 pounds back over the holidays, but much to my pleasant surprise, I lost 1.2 at weigh in! That made me so happy. Plus I am 3 weeks away now from becoming a lifetime member!

Brennan crawls up a storm every chance he gets, and he pulls to standing on everything. He's desperately trying to walk. What does that result in? You got it-bumps & bruises. Poor kid. He swings around in his crib like a monkey. He's still cute, though. And a little odd. Why odd? Because the boy loves prunes. I mean loves them. At least it keeps things moving, if you know what I mean. AND...he turned 9 months old yesterday! NINE months already!

I have yet to make some of my own baby food. I intended to last week (just got the blender for Christmas), but then I was sick, so never did. It's on my list of things to do tomorrow. We'll see how it goes! Oh, but Brennan tried avocado, and he liked it. It felt nice giving him fresh, straight food, rather than something that had been sitting in a jar.

I suppose that's it. Tonight I'm going to watch the finale of The Amazing Race. If you're familiar, I'm rooting for TK & Rachel, then the father/daughter team. I hope the Grandpa/grandson team comes in last. I also started watching American Idol this past week. I prefer it when it's down to the top 12, but some of these auditions are so enjoyable. And pathetic. Painful, even. Lastly for TV, LOST is coming back soon! It looks so good. Can't wait.

That's it for real this time. I hope to not be sick any more, and get back to my normal routine.
Have I missed much?


Andrea said...


I really hope you guys are feeling better. It's horrible being sick.

I loved how you said "nothing is concrete" with sending Aidan to preschool. I know Landen is only 2.5 but I was being all nervous about school to my mom the other day. I just don't know about it and my hubby is all for it. I don't know - I just keep saying "nothing is forever" I can take him out if it's not working. Will see - I'm leaning against Preschool - BUT Landen is only 2.5 and a lot can change. He might like it by four. =)

I didn't watch American Idol - I wathced Biggest Loser and the next night Kurt and I weren't into it. It seems like they make fun of slow people. I'm planning on watching when they get down to the top 12.

Brennan is adorable. Prunes.. interesting! =) Let me know how the baby food goes. We always did jar or Landen ate off of our plate. How long as he been eating real food? Amelia seems so interested and is six months now. I'm hesitant to let her have food yet. I don't think she's ready but I don't know. Plus I still haven't gotten my fertility back *crossing fingers* and I'd like to keep that away as long as possible.

Okay, sorry for the book. Glad to see your back. The babes need me. Landen is being a terror with Amelia in the exersaucer. Ahh!

Amy said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. Blah.

Once you start making your own baby food, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with those jars. ;) I loved it with DD. I didn't do much with DS because of his feeding problems, but it was so quick, easy, and frugal with DD that I wish I could have done more with DS.

Jennifer said...

It was so good to hear from you again! And I was so excited Pat got to see Sandra Bullock--That is so cool--I just watched two weeks notice and Hope Floats so it was really funny to hear that story! I love her--She's so cute!

I feel your pain on the school thing, too--You know I do! I worry about it b/c of missing him, b/c of the vaccination thing, b/c I never trust people...I could go on and on: "GIRRRL, I got ISSUES!" We'll have to talk about this one later! Keep me updated. :o)